Preparing for your Session


Getting ready for a family shoot can be surprisingly overwhelming! So I’ve compiled a list of useful tips and tricks to make sure your experience runs as smooth as possible.

Can’t wait to capture some truly beautiful moments with you!


How I run my sessions -

My sessions have been described in the past as a ‘casual chat in a big field’. I like to capture your family as authentically as possible. I will help with posing and where to stand, but it may feel at times that not much is happening.

But - TRUST ME. This is where the magic is captured.

I spend most of my session waiting for those smiles to break, and for you to begin to chatter and giggle at how awkward you feel standing and cuddling your loved ones in the middle of a field or the beach. Those intimate moments in between the poses and the forced smiles are so often neglected, and this is where I have found some of my most loved images.


Info for Neurodiverse Families-

I like to organise my sessions for your family based on the when it will be easiest for you. This often means shooting in the middle of the day and in a location comfortable for your little one. I use natural light for my photography, meaning no flash will be used. I am happy to extend my sessions for these families to accommodate any times we need to hit pause to allow for movement breaks and sensory seeking. I am also happy to provide a free meet for your family to give some familiarity before the session.


Prepping your kids -

Make sure you talk to your kids (depending on their age) about what will happen at your session. You can show them photos of me and let them know I will be there with a cool camera to snap all their happy moments for photos they can put up around the house, or to gift to their family members. Ask them what kind of things they would like to do on the day, giving them a little bit of input can really get that excitement going.

Something I like to tell my younger kids I shoot with is how my camera works;

With fairies of course! If you look really really closely, you might be able to spot the fairies working inside my lens. Those fairies are looking at your beautiful big eyes and capturing those emotive images filled with curiosity and wonder.

It’s ok if your kids are overwhelmed and aren’t up for posing. Cuddles with mum or dad to help ease the nervousness are definitely in order, and still create some really emotive moments. I will work around their temperament and wait for them to feel more comfortable; we can revisit any poses at any time!

Make sure those little bellies are full, and consider an early dinner if possible, as well as ensuring they’ve filled their ‘rest bucket’ with some naps throughout the day if needed.

Think about whether you are happy for them to get a little wet or dirty. You can prep them with proposing that once they’ve taken some nice family photos together, they can play to their hearts content! (A bribe has never gone astray)

Consider sending me a ‘family resume’. Introduce me to all the participants that will be involved in your session. What are their favourite hobbies? What are their personalities like? This will really help me get a feel for your family and how best to run your session and capture those relationships.


What to wear-

The big question, the one on everyone’s lips! What do I wear?!

If you fell in love with my editing style, you want to go for lots of natural colours, or even some really beautiful deep ones! I would start with some base colours, and layer from there. My favourite colours to work with are whites, browns and creams. From there you could pick an accent colour such as a navy, deep forest green, or lighter colours such as your blushes and sage.


Who wears what?!

You could either match your kids in the same colour combinations, or swap their layers (i.e. one wears a light coloured top and darker shorts, and the other a dark top and lighter shorts). Some of the sessions I have done previously have had some beautiful colour combinations for you to check out!

Pick shoes that compliment your base colours.

Don’t be afraid to explore different textures and fabrics, they add so much more dimension to your final look.

Personally, I LOVE a beautiful flowy dress. It gives you so many more options for your poses.

Accessories are your friend! Hats, bows, bangles, you name it! Your accessories don’t need to be limited to things you could wear though. Do you kids have favourite toys? Bubbles? Blankies? Bring anything along that you think could add to the meaning of your images.

Do you have a client closet?

Not yet! But it is a goal I am aiming towards and hoping to implement in the near future.


What about my pets?

As long as your chosen location is pet friendly, I am more than happy to include your furry friends in your session! It could be a good idea to bring along a friend who can help with the furry snuggles while we snap your family on their own.


Can I change my outfit?

Sure! As long as we have plenty of time within the session, you can have as many outfit changes as you desire!


The little things

Some little things to consider for the day are making sure you don’t have any hair ties on your wrists and that everyone’s nails are nice and clean (especially when capturing those beautiful snuggly photos).


Any other questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact me.

See you soon!

Britta xo